Greek Alphabet dalam Bidang Teknik Sipil

26 06 2013

Berikut ini daftar alphabet Yunani yang sering ditemui dalam dunia teknik dan matematik,

“As in most branches of science and engineering, geotechnical engineering uses mathematics and symbols to develop general theories. Because the English alphabet has a limited number of characters use is made of the Greek alphabet:

A α alpha
B β beta
C γ gamma
D  δ delta
E ε epsilon
Z ζ zeta
H η eta

θ theta
I ι iota
K κ kappa
 λ lambda
M μ mu
N ν nu
 ξ xi
O o omicron
 π pi
P ρ rho
 σ sigma
T τ tau
Y υ upsilon
 φ phi
X χ chi
 ψ psi
 ω omega

Source :

Atkinson_Mechanics Soil and Foundations_2007




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