suggestions for problem solving – engineering

28 07 2013

barusan dapet buku Soil Mechanics and Foundations nya Muni Budhu.John Wiley and Son.2010., di halaman awal saja buku tersebut sudah membuat saya penasaran, ada beberapa saran dalam penyelesaian problem di bidang Engineering, dimana yang menjadi pointnya adalah reasonable atau tidak hasil analisa kita.

berikut bagian yang saya co-pas dari buku tersebut


Engineering is, foremost, about problem solving. For most engineering problems, there is no unique
method or procedure for fi nding solutions. Often, there is no unique solution to an engineering problem.
A suggested problem-solving procedure is outlined below.
1. Read the problem carefully; note or write down what is given and what you are required to fi nd.
2. Draw clear diagrams or sketches wherever possible.
3. Devise a strategy to fi nd the solution. Determine what principles, concepts, and equations are
needed to solve the problem.
4. When performing calculations, make sure that you are using the correct units.
5. Check whether your results are reasonable.
The units of measurement used in this textbook follow the SI system. Engineering calculations
are approximations and do not result in exact numbers. All calculations in this book are rounded, at the
most, to two decimal places except in some exceptional cases, for example, void ratio.”

engineering is unique, there’s no fix procedure, its always depend local variation in field where you are.





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